Narayan Paan Shop, Nabarangpur

Narayan Paan Shop, Nabarangpur Narayan Paan Shop, Nabarangpur
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Certainly! Let’s delve into the delightful world of **Narayan Paan Shop** in **Nabarangpur**, Odisha.

Narayan Paan Shop: A Flavorful Journey


Nabarangpur, a quaint town nestled in the heart of Odisha, is home to a hidden gem—the Narayan Paan Shop. This unassuming little corner store has been serving locals and travelers alike for generations. Let’s explore the essence of this beloved establishment.


Narayan Pan Shop is situated in the Majhiguda Chok area of Nabarangpur. Its complete address is:

– Jeypore-Bhawanipatna Highway, Padhalguda, Odisha 764059.

The Paan Experience

1. The Art of Paan-Making
At Narayan Paan Shop, paan-making is elevated to an art form. The skilled hands of the paanwalas deftly fold betel leaves, layer them with fragrant spices, and tuck in a variety of fillings. The result? A tantalizing concoction that bursts with flavors.

2. The Menu

  • Meetha Paan: For those with a sweet tooth, the meetha paan is a must-try. It combines gulkand (rose petal jam), saunf (fennel seeds), and a touch of sweetness.
  • Sada Paan: Simplicity at its best—betel leaves, slaked lime, and a sprinkle of katha (catechu).
  • Banarasi Paan: A rich blend of areca nut, cloves, and cardamom, wrapped in a betel leaf.
  • Chocolate Paan: Yes, you read that right! Narayan Paan Shop offers a unique twist with chocolate-infused paan.

3. The Personal Touch
What sets Narayan Paan Shop apart is the warmth of its service. The paanwalas know their regular customers by name, inquire about their families, and share stories. It’s not just about selling paan; it’s about building connections.

A Heartwarming Tale
The daughter of the paan shop owner, despite her vision impairment, achieved remarkable success in her studies and became a district topper. Her determination and resilience inspire everyone who visits Narayan Paan Shop.


Next time you’re in Nabarangpur, take a detour to Narayan Paan Shop. Let the fragrant aroma of paan envelop you, and savor the flavors that have stood the test of time. Narayan Paan Shop isn’t just a shop; it’s a slice of local history and a testament to the power of community.

Remember, life is like a paan—layered, flavorful, and best enjoyed slowly. 🌿🍃

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